5th May 2016

Controlled Aggression

James Harris looks back at Monday's crushing draw but finds positives in wreckage. We crossed a line or two, but we will have learnt a great deal about ourselves and our football team. “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely."- Henry Ford

25th April 2016

Daniel Levy’s Tottenham

It has been a while since we heard the phrase 'LevyOut' or 'ENICOUT,' so what has changed in our fan base this year? Glen Ocsko looks back at the reign of Levy and discuses his decisions, and whether the good decisions out-weigh the bad.

22nd April 2016

The truth about fairytales

Aaron Wolfe returns to The Fighting Cock to look at the hype surrounding Leicester City and their fairytale season.

18th April 2016

Wearing the 90s with pride

Daniel Turner, a child of 90s loves where we are now, no matter what happens in the next few weeks, because he remembers where we were.

18th April 2016

I think I need a new club?

Method Moran on how it is all a bit different supporting Spurs at the moment. (DISCLAIMER: We at TFC do not want to jinx anything, so we would like to add this is the opinion of one man, not TFC or Spurs fans.)

12th April 2016

Lamela: No longer a bad punchline

From bad punchline to tough tackling-game-changing inside-forward, Dan Rattigan takes a look at the transformation of Erik Lamela.

29th March 2016

Meeting my heroes

Javad Movahedi, host of the Tottenham Hotspur Family Podcast, tells the story of mingling with his heroes at Hotspur Way.