Vass Koni

17th October 2016

On the cusp of love

We may have only drawn with West Brom, but there is still something special happening at Spurs. Vass Koni returns and looks at our team and how behind it all is one man. Mauricio Pochettino.

16th August 2016

Black box tipping the apple cart

Could Paul Mitchell's departure be the first crack in this new version of Tottenham, or is it just one man leaving a job for personal reasons? Vass has a look at the situation.

18th May 2016

Spurs is as Spurs does

We may have slipped right at the end, but there has been enough positivity along the way to give us hope for next season writes Vass Koni for The Fighting Cock

22nd March 2016

Is this our only chance?

Vass returns and looks at whether or not this is really our only chance at the Premier League title.

12th February 2016

Squeaky bum time

A league title run in is a new sensation for many of us, but Vass was there in 1985 when we came very close. He drops the truth about what the rest of the season has in store for our emotions.

21st January 2016

A song for Toby

Not even the most dour faced, unbelieving, narrative seeking fan can deny there is a feel good factor around Spurs at the moment. Vass Koni looks at the player at the heart of this and asks that we find him a song.

4th December 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It's nearly time for Ticker Tape, "SSN understands" and want-away footballers to tweet their unhappiness. The transfer window is a funny time of year, but what do we need? Want? Or expect this window? Vass takes a look at our club and its change in recruitment policy.