20th June 2012

Dear Luka Modric

I’m not quite sure why it is that I’m writing to you. You could call it a goodbye letter, I suppose. Although I still haven’t got my head around the concept of seeing you leave, adorning another team’s colours… I’m not angry at you for wanting to leave my beloved Tottenham. It’s been getting gradually more obvious that you’re out of our league: us the swashbuckling, romantic nearly-men; you the ingenious, graceful Croatian. We were good together for the first few years, you can’t deny that, but it has now become clear that we were never going to be long-term... Read more »

20th June 2012

Life, Death & Tottenham Hotspur

When Fabrice Muamba fell to the White Hart Lane pitch there were a few who perhaps felt it resonate more than most. A young man struck down without warning, bringing unwelcome thoughts of the passing of a friend, and a reminder that death is not a curse on only the elderly or sick. In an increasingly cynical age, when grief is treated as a weakness and the internet is overburdened by angry ignorance intent on disgusting the decent, when any expression of grief as likely to meet condescension as condolences, those minutes and the following days also reminded us that... Read more »

17th June 2012

Less Noise About Moyes, But Can Andre Villas-GrowUs?

AVB FAQ: Aren’t you put off by what happened at Chelsea? No. Wasn’t his success at Porto a massive fluke? No. Isn’t he going to get hounded by the press from day one? Obviously. Is he too young to be respected? No. Is he actually any better than Redknapp? Only time will tell. We’ve only been mangerless for about four days, but in a shock to the system, it appears that Tottenham are finally being pro-active. Our business, usually conducted at 11.55pm on deadline day, looks to be already in motion. People’s ‘people’ have been hastily contacted, talks are being... Read more »

15th June 2012

We had joy, we had fun, he had a column in The Sun

If this is what a modern day Tottenham Hotspur ‘crisis’ has become, I’ll take them all day long. They’re a damn sight less depressing than they used to be. In short, we’ve released a manager from his contract for failing to finish third (or higher) in the league, and ultimately costing us a second season in the lucrative Champions League. The tabloid press, armchair fans of all clubs and gooners alike have gone collectively bats**t. We, Tottenham fans, haven’t. “He’s as bad the Venky’s” they say, “kiss goodbye to your best players” they claim, “in Levy we trust” I retort.... Read more »

14th June 2012

When Harry left Danny

The time has finally come. As was echoed in the views of many fans last night on Twitter, Harry’s position had become untenable. Redknapp’s comment last week that he needed a new long-term deal to ensure the players had certainty in his position was laughable given previous statements that the constant speculation linking with the ‘England job had no bearing on the team’s performances.’ It’s almost as if agent antagonist extraordinaire Paul Stretford had been brought in specifically to engineer a clumsy parting of the ways between his new client and Spurs. The foundations for the split were, of course,... Read more »

11th June 2012

If Harry got the England job…

At the time it seemed an inspired appointment. The FA dillied and dallied for the best part of three months, but when they announced on 1 May that Harry Redknapp was the new England manager a nation rejoiced. The written press, in particular, was ecstatic at the decision, having long trumpeted Harry’s credentials over lesser lights such as Roy Hodgson, a man with no FA Cups to his name and who had only managed three national sides previously. Perhaps the only set of fans with any reason to lament Redknapp’s inevitable elevation to national messiah were Spurs supporters, who had... Read more »

8th June 2012

Choosing Tottenham

This is my first year of Spurs love, and I’ll pause a moment as those amongst you shake heads and mumble about bandwagon fandom. Done? Good; it’s a fair point but allow me to counter. I’m an American and began this most recent Premier League season declaring that I was going to watch all 38 games, something I had never managed before. Catching games is especially convenient for me for a few reasons. First, living in America and having roughly 457 television channels, I get to watch lots of football (I’m doing my best not to slip into saying soccer).... Read more »

7th June 2012

Our 2012/13 starting 2nd Striker

As I watched the 2011-12 Spurs campaign unfold, a curious thing happened. The one-time LWB and current left midfielder Gareth Bale, started to roam across to the central part of the pitch. The most feared left midfielder in the Premiership (Sorry Juan Mata) is all of sudden occupying land in unforeseen territory. Was this by accident? Why is our most potent attacking force playing out of position when he’s arguably the strongest player in your league at that very same position? This curious aberration soon became an every game reality. It was against Norwich when he terrorised down the middle,... Read more »