Never Mind The B*llocks

17th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Tottenham’s season of frustrations and tough losses

Though it is a longshot, do know that there are nine games until the end of the season, and we've seen Kane in some magnificent stretches throughout his career.

14th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

The Greatest

It’s three years today that Tottenham played their last ever game in the old White Hart Lane. It’s three years ago today that we said goodbye.

4th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Team Poch? Team Jose? The in-betweeners

One of Pochettino's biggest strengths was his loyalty and passion for his players and in the end, it came back to bite him.

29th April 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Tanguy Ndombele the great centre-mid hope

Many Spurs fans have again shown their fickle nature by writing Ndombele off as a flop, someone who’s not up to it, someone who needs to be sold to a less physical league whilst they’re still yearning for the return of Gareth Bale. A man who had a notoriously difficult start to life at Spurs.

27th April 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Kane criticised for transfer chit-chat

“I love Spurs, I’ll always love Spurs, but it’s one of them things I’ve always said if I don’t feel like we’re progressing as a team or going in the right direction, I’m not someone to stay there just for the sake of it.”

26th April 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Fetch the bolt cutters

As much I hate that sense of dread, the potential for us to capitulate or under perform, I still wish I was suffering the hopeful avoidance of the possible indignity. Why would I curse myself this way?

24th April 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

ENIC pout

You also get those 'treasured moments' with winning things. Memories. The history books record the score and it’s there in black and white to brag about later on. But is that what you desire? To make numbers out of those moments?

24th April 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Filling in the gap

I just want to go back to White Hart Lane and watch the football again. Because when that point arrives, some semblance of normality will be achieved.