Never Mind The B*llocks

1st June 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

When Wilson Palacios transformed Tottenham

His impact was instantaneous to say the least. Despite tasting defeat in his debut away to Bolton, Palacios would steer Spurs to only three loses from their remaining 14 games.

29th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Football. It’s the best. And it’s back. Sort of.

I'm glad Spurs are back. I am. I'm simply not bothered as much as the authorities and TV expect me to be. I need normality elsewhere to return first.

25th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Tottenham. It’s a trip.

I sobered up for only a second, and then watched the striker transform into a kaleidoscopic freeze-frame that travelled towards me, super-imposing himself on my vision of the pitch...

22nd May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Michael Carrick saved my life

Carrick was different. The strong and silent type. The personification of professionalism. He kept things ticking in the middle and gave us a more majestic presence rather than the usual seasonal jestering.

22nd May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

A huge bill to settle

The total repayments include a £215 million in interest payments, bringing the total liability to a little over £852 million - that’s a whopping amount of money.

18th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Spurs remain in hunt for the top four as return nears

This is why sport needs to return and the Premier league will now be looking to follow the Bundesliga in Germany, through returning with the top flight of domestic football.

18th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Born Into Spurs’ 1961 Double

Do I owe my career in sports to Danny Blanchflower, Dave Mackay and Bill Nicholson? It is oddly factual that I’ve always maintained a fascination with the FA Cup final.

17th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Tottenham’s season of frustrations and tough losses

Though it is a longshot, do know that there are nine games until the end of the season, and we've seen Kane in some magnificent stretches throughout his career.