Never Mind The B*llocks

14th June 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Who are we?

Oscar Wilde once said “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” and this is what being Tottenham is about, even when things aren’t great, even when things are painfully average we look forward, we look to the stars and want more for our club.

9th June 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Marcus Thuram vs Alassane Plea: Who would be the best fit for Spurs?

If Harry Kane isn't fit enough to start, Jose Mourinho's men tend to lack a little spark in the final third, and fans will be hoping that Daniel Levy sanctions the signing of another forward this summer

9th June 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

The search for a back-up striker may be right under Tottenham’s nose

In recent times, Spurs have come unstuck on numerous occasions when without Kane, having to rely on underwhelming options

8th June 2020 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

A reminder of what’s at stake as Europe’s biggest leagues return

When French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that all sporting events, including the ones played behind closed doors, would be banned in France until September, it was a mild shock. Home to one of Europe’s ‘Big Five’ leagues, it was the first to hop off the fence and announce an official decision. The date on which this news broke was April 28th, a day on which 328 new Covid-19 deaths were announced in France. It was a month in which thousands of people died from the novel disease so the announcement had a tinge of inevitability about that. Fast forward... Read more »

4th June 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Magic and illusion

This lockdown, this year, has been a surreal journey that has punctured our lives in more ways than one. So even if it isn’t quite normality it’s something to bridge us towards the end of summer and the start of a proper season. Whatever ‘proper’ will look like.

4th June 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

The Prem is back, rejoice! But what does this mean for fans and players?

Football is back. But at what cost to players and supporters?

1st June 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

When Wilson Palacios transformed Tottenham

His impact was instantaneous to say the least. Despite tasting defeat in his debut away to Bolton, Palacios would steer Spurs to only three loses from their remaining 14 games.

29th May 2020 | Never Mind The B*llocks

Football. It’s the best. And it’s back. Sort of.

I'm glad Spurs are back. I am. I'm simply not bothered as much as the authorities and TV expect me to be. I need normality elsewhere to return first.