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7th December 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

The 100 – The Fighting Cock Gold

The Fighting Cock recently celebrated 100 episodes, but what has happened at the club, on the forum, on the front page and with 1882 since the first pod? It's time to look back and see how much or how little has changed.

22nd October 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Yid. The Man Who Gave Us the Name

As I remember it, we were on the Spurs special returning from Elland Road, Leeds. The team had just put in a goliath performance to come away with a 2-1 victory but the train was in a sombre, almost wake like mood. The fact that one side of the train had had its glass kindly removed by a very large and very angry group of Leeds supporters, using anything they could physically throw in our direction could, possibly had had something to do with it. This sort of thing had become the norm and everyone was used to the attention... Read more »

25th April 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

One shoe, One movement, One vision

There was a moment on Monday night, as the haze lifted from a stray smoke bomb, when clarity reigned once more. As I looked around me at 1392 shoes being waved in the air I realised with total certainty that this was the way it was meant to be. What might have looked odd from the outside made perfect sense to the tightly packed group inside Barnet’s crumbling stadium. For this raucous show of trainers and old boots was not a catwalk of footwear but a symbol. A symbol of hope for the next generation, a symbol of disillusionment against... Read more »

24th April 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Seven Friends, 1882 and a MegaBuzz

Having coerced 6 friends to join me on the arduous trip from Bristol to London to watch a football game that they virtually had no interest in, (two were Liverpool fans and the rest were more interested in rugby or cricket), there was a great deal of pressure on the game. Many had argued that they were too busy and had far too much work in exam season to even contemplate it, but I had assured them that 1882 was something different. It wasn’t about the football, it was about the atmosphere. With this grudgingly being accepted, the lads booked... Read more »

11th February 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Gazza: Thank You for Giving Me Spurs

The moment Paul Gascoigne turned to celebrate with the Spurs fans, a new hero was born. To this very day it remains my favourite ever Gazza goal. It showcased everything that made him such a great footballer. It had skill, determination and above all the improvisation that only a real genius can muster at will. The fact that we lost the game 3-2 to Arsenal at White Hart Lane can not dampen this memory. I was seven years old and Gazza had transformed me from a fan into a full on Tottenham obsessive. A few years later he would go... Read more »

20th June 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Life, Death & Tottenham Hotspur

When Fabrice Muamba fell to the White Hart Lane pitch there were a few who perhaps felt it resonate more than most. A young man struck down without warning, bringing unwelcome thoughts of the passing of a friend, and a reminder that death is not a curse on only the elderly or sick. In an increasingly cynical age, when grief is treated as a weakness and the internet is overburdened by angry ignorance intent on disgusting the decent, when any expression of grief as likely to meet condescension as condolences, those minutes and the following days also reminded us that... Read more »

23rd May 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

The ‘Y’ Debate

Well, firstly, I suppose that I should present the credentials that make me qualified to pass judgement on the subject of whether or not it is permissible for Spurs fans to use the word “Yid” in reference to themselves or Spurs players. I am Jewish, not only through birth, but through practise as well and, in addition, I have been a Spurs fan for over 40 years. (I am old enough to have lived through a Tottenham championship year; albeit I was only 3 months old when Danny Blanchflower was awarded the trophy.) I left England over 30 years ago... Read more »