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11th February 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Gazza: Thank You for Giving Me Spurs

The moment Paul Gascoigne turned to celebrate with the Spurs fans, a new hero was born. To this very day it remains my favourite ever Gazza goal. It showcased everything that made him such a great footballer. It had skill, determination and above all the improvisation that only a real genius can muster at will. The fact that we lost the game 3-2 to Arsenal at White Hart Lane can not dampen this memory. I was seven years old and Gazza had transformed me from a fan into a full on Tottenham obsessive. A few years later he would go... Read more »

20th June 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

Life, Death & Tottenham Hotspur

When Fabrice Muamba fell to the White Hart Lane pitch there were a few who perhaps felt it resonate more than most. A young man struck down without warning, bringing unwelcome thoughts of the passing of a friend, and a reminder that death is not a curse on only the elderly or sick. In an increasingly cynical age, when grief is treated as a weakness and the internet is overburdened by angry ignorance intent on disgusting the decent, when any expression of grief as likely to meet condescension as condolences, those minutes and the following days also reminded us that... Read more »

23rd May 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks, Top Reads

The ‘Y’ Debate

Well, firstly, I suppose that I should present the credentials that make me qualified to pass judgement on the subject of whether or not it is permissible for Spurs fans to use the word “Yid” in reference to themselves or Spurs players. I am Jewish, not only through birth, but through practise as well and, in addition, I have been a Spurs fan for over 40 years. (I am old enough to have lived through a Tottenham championship year; albeit I was only 3 months old when Danny Blanchflower was awarded the trophy.) I left England over 30 years ago... Read more »