Érik Lamela

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Lamela in, Bale out. Real finally gives a shit about our "partnership" by acknowledging the fact that they owe us for Modric and give us Coentrao plus the ~100million for Bale. We perform that double raid on Ajax (let's be honest, it's going to cost us more than 15million, probably at least 20). We'll probably sell two midfielders, and then...

SUAREZ!!!!:levywhoa: (but not really- who knows what we will do with the rest of all that extra dosh).

I can live with this.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
I don't even care that the picture is fucking huge, that perm is absolutely magnificent.
Sorry about that I'm a computer simpleton. Took me 15 minutes to post it even.

Not that it matters everyone should see the Jheri curl in its full glory. They should put that pic in Times Square. Better than Bale :baletroll:
Can Erik La Salle play up top and how much Soul Glo is needed to keep that perm going strong on a cold night in Stoke.
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