Érik Lamela

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No, I'm not Asian. Why do you ask?
Y'all just know these bros double team some class four hookers on the reg:



Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
So help me God, if anyone says anything derogatory about Coco in my hearing, I'll punch their lights out!!!
He runs his heart out for us, game after game and if people can't see or appreciate that, then go and support someone else!!


I've pretty much stayed out of the Lamela row, but this is my tuppence worth.

When he joined I thought he'd be a fancy dan with bags of skill and zero fight when the going gets tough.
How wrong I was - while he may not score as many goals as I thought he would, this kid puts in an amazing shift in every game, even when he's not playing well - and I can't ask more than that.

He's also got a lovely nasty side to him (if there is such a thing). For so many years, we've been mugged off by all the snides that play for the goons, chavs and mancs. Lamela though dishes out the same treatment to them brilliantly. He's an absolute bastard. A bloody beautiful bastard.
How about everyone who has slagged off Lamela, who has put him on their "must sell" list puts their hands up and admits he was fantastic tonight, playing out of position?

Lamela is everything I've ever loved in Spurs players - frustrating, brilliant, injured, 100% Tottenham
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In terms of Lamela moments, that assist vs City at the Etihad must be up there. Hassling Toure until he loses the ball, runs through their heart and then times the most perfect pass through the legs of Otamendi to put Eriksen in on goal and to score the winner.

Guys a big game player, which we love.

Goals against Liverpool, United and City. Assists against Chelsea, Liverpool, United, City, Woolwich. Always raises his game for them, likes hes going to war for Tottenham.
Let's be honest, we'd despise his antics today if he played for another club....but fuck it, we've been fucked over so many times by poor decisions, it's about time one went our way.

He's the sort of player that i can imagine Mourinho absolutely loves.
You never know, he might just be the next step up from Bale given time and confidence..

He's maybe got copyright issues though :baletroll: (check the math!)



Fuck me, I love Erik Lamela.

The guy absolutely bleeds Spurs.

Imagine coming to a club replacing prime Gareth Bale, who at the time had the world record transfer fee, and fans expecting you to fully replace him (which we all bloody did).

Most players would shirk and run from that. Not fucking Coco.

He's never been near the output of Bale. He's always showed brilliant flashes but never been near.

Fans got on his back, whether because of unrealistic expectations or because his output just wasn't there who knows.

He never complained, he never stopped trying. He went through injury, drops in form, multiple managers who fucked around with him, but Coco never did anything but give his 100 fucking percent. Every time he came on the pitch.

He's never, ever going to be a nailed-on starter for Spurs. That doesn't matter to Coco. He's fighting his heart off to be here, with every minute he gets.

He's always been in the shadows. Kane, Vertonghen, Dembele etc. have always overshadowed him as far as fan favourites go, but that doesn't stop Coco from giving everything he has for the shirt.

When we win the title (not if), I'm going to love it for Harry, for Hugo, for Jan, for Toby, for players who have given their all for this club, but the player I'm going to love it most for is Erik Lamela.


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"Lamela's play isn't up to the required standard to pose a serious threat to good teams."

If we're just basing good teams as Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Woolwich:

- Assist vs. Woolwich at The Emirates
- Assist vs. Liverpool at Anfield

- 1 goal and assist vs. Man City at White Hart Lane
- Assist vs. Man City at The Etihad
- Assist vs. Woolwich at White Hart Lane
- 1 goal and assist vs. Man Utd at White Hart Lane
- Assist vs. Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

- Assist vs. Liverpool at White Hart Lane

Started 17 games against the 'good clubs' and had a hand in 10 goals.

In comparison (within the same time frame)

Eriksen: Started 28 games and had a hand in 8 goals.
Alli: Started 16 games and had a hand in 7 goals.
Son: Started 13 games and had a hand in 3 goals.

Hell, even Danny Rose has a hand in more goals than the three above (but not Lamela). Maybe we should start playing him a lot further forward!?

Keep pushing the narrative though.

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How could anyone not love him?
Yeah, I just don't get it either.

Kicking lumps out of Chelsea at 'The Battle of the Bridge,' stepping on/kicking Fabregas a number of times, calling Wilshere a 'pussy,' his genuinely outstanding form in 15/16 and the first part of 16/17 when he was actually fit, all the personal and injury shit he's had to deal with yet still be mentally strong enough to turn up week in and week out working his ass off for a club he obviously loves, a ridiculous work rate, etc

How is he not in the realm of fan favourite/cult hero? I love him.
Erik Lamela's recent stats : coys

Match Min Played Goals Assists
13.5. Leicester (H) 78 2 goals 1 assist
18.8. Fulham (H) 17 1 assist
15.9. Liverpool (H) 31 1 goal
18.9. Inter Milan (A) 79 1 assist
22.9. Brighton (A) 22 1 goal
26.9. Watford (H) 90 1 goal
3.10. Barcelona (H) 72 1 goal 1 assist


Minutes - 389
Goals - 6
Assists - 4
Min p. G - 65
Min p. A - 97
Min p. G/A - 39

Will always love him for his work rate and his wind up attitude to Woolwich and Chelsea.

Wasn’t the Bale replacement we thought we signed, instead we got a hard working number 10 who’s plays with passion every game and bleeds spurs. Maybe not the finished article, and will probably never be that but he gives a shit and has the occasional moment of genius.

Long live Lamela
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