Érik Lamela


Dear cult of Lamela

I am a fully sworn in member of the Coco fan club. However today he was pretty poor. Equally there was no one else pulling up trees in this game. Lucas, much like Érik was busy but ineffectual. Son didn’t even appear to be overly busy let alone provide much quality.
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Amazing how the cute little couple can't admit to being wrong.

Both said he'd be sold in 2016.

Then wanna act as if they are an authority on all things Spurs.


You'll notice they are the most prolific posters in this thread, Absolutely begging it.

Even when he performs well they are in here mocking him. Coco is more Spurs than than they'll ever be.

This is what a precious ego looks like.

Long like Erik Lamela. Yiddo.



Willing to send post and packages
People that don't rate Lamela = Mummy's boys
People that do rate Lamela = Mauricio Pochettino, Jose Mourinho, Harry Kane, Dele Alli etc.

Who on earth should we listen to?

It's a tough one.
Erik Lamela is now the only remaining #thfc player from the 'magnificent seven' signed in the summer of 2013.
How, I shall never know. Eriksen was the only one that was remotely worth their fee.

Now before the Chadli/Chiriches fan club kicks into top gear, they're now plying their trade at Anderlecht and Sassuolo (I kid you not). Probably the right level for both. How they made it to WHL was beyond me.

Then there was Soldado...


Just seen he's broken again, with Bergwjin and Gedson in and Look Celso settled it's hard to see the point in Erik he's surely surplus by now, can't even be relied upon for the second string.
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