Érik Lamela

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Arrived in Seviila about an hour and a half ago apparently.

Here's a crap photo...

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FR says "Here we go" so that's official. :rolleyes:
"Net" fee for Gil is £21.5 m. How much do we think Erik was valued at?
IMO it's between £4m to £8m.
The calculation that was cited here at the beginning of the deal was that it was worth a total of €35 million, €25 million for BG and the Lamela part making up the other €10 million. The first part of that hasn't altered a céntimo, so it's reasonable to assume the other part hasn't either

At the current rate of exchange that's £8.5 million
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There was a game that completely changed around this clubs fortunes under poch for me. The man city home game. We was struggling to implement pochs high pressing high tempo game. In comes lamela and he was absolutely outstanding. Everything poch wanted the team to do and be lamela was that day. All the best Erik I hope it goes well for him at Sevilla always gave 100% to this club.
Gonna miss the fella, whenever you see key moment's in Spurs games, Lamela is there or there abouts.
The excocet tackles
The Rabona's
The battle of the bridge
The shithousery
Good luck Coco, you're in everyone's heart at Tottenham.


Enjoy the Moment
The time he mashed up Fabriarses hand when we kicked the shit out of Chelski is the best for me!
And of course when he called wheelchair a pussy!
Classic go well Coco!
I remember when he arrived. He got criticised for not speaking a word of English. He was injured for a long stretch at the beginning and people said “he doesn’t want to play. He’s got no heart”.

Well Erik proved them wrong. A heart of a lion. Whenever he got on the pitch he wore his heart on his sleeve.
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