Érik Lamela

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Reiterating what enough people have said here recently - loved his attitude, he knew what it meant to play for us. Re Fabregas - he didn't look down, he didn't break stride - masterful piece of shithousery, and mugged off Wilshere whilst laughing at him. However, 8 years and my main memories are the shithousing, a couple of rabonas and a lot of effort when he did play, which counts for a lot, as I see it. But not enough overall. I wish him well.

Goodbye Coco 😢

I've been wanting him gone for a couple of years now, but now that he has gone, it feels a bit weird.

Despite his lack of end product there were and are far worse players still at the club. Hopefully our new man will do the business once adapted to the EPL.


I think he will be a Van Der Vaart type figure. A cult hero, VDV more for the skill but Lamela for the passion and shithousery he brought to the big games and London derbies.
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