Érik Lamela

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Lamela's heart won me over as it did so many others. Such a shame he had all those injury woes.

Good luck to him and really happy for him to have joined Seville, I think he'll do well there.
Always loved coco. Can’t say anything more than what already has been said, but implored to post.

Little fucking cunt he was. A great one.


Freedom from Samsara

"I always thought that you'd be here, but shit gets fucked up, n people just disappear"

As an attacker, he was a master defender. Love you Coco. Hope that Sun works and you show your full potential over there.
We signed this guy on the back of scoring 15 league goals for Roma in a season.
He scored 17 league goals in the 8 years we had him.

I wish him luck in his future endeavours.
I'm sure he will get a great reception any time he comes back to the lane.
Farewell Coco. you came as a promise for something different, grew into something different, had some medical problems but always gave his 100%, and provided us with two of the finest goals in spurs history.
Now I will get many dislikes 😂
Yes he showed passion on the pitch but with results of many stupid fouls, yellow cards and 1 or 2 red cards
More than 7 years at the club
170 games with 16 goals as a offensive player
Always holds the ball for to long
No right foot
Yes he had some incredible goals
That's it
In my opinion we kept him to long and should have sold him 2 or 3 years earlier

It's my opinion
I don't hate him
It's only i don't miss him like many here

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
If we had a team with the fight of Lamela (not the injury record) we would win shit. We are known as a soft team but he wasn’t soft despite outward appearance.

Danny Rose: “Before the Manchester City game [which Spurs won 2-1] I was having dinner with Érik Lamela and I was still asking him if he reckoned we can finish top four. I’ve never seen someone look at me with such disgust. He said: ‘My friend, we can win the league.’

Mentality is often spat out of people's mouths without once being able to articulate what they mean by it, like #wInNeR. I don't like arrogance, I like belief and players that commit to that belief.
Was gutted when Tom Huddlestone left, but totally mortified about this news... Surely Lucas or Bergwijn should have gone first.

Can’t add anything more than ppl have already said. My favourite player by a mile, just wish someone had told him he had two feet.

Thanks to everyone who posted videos, amazing memories… Best of luck to him.
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