Érik Lamela

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Was gutted when Tom Huddlestone left, but totally mortified about this news... Surely Lucas or Bergwijn should have gone first.

Can’t add anything more than ppl have already said. My favourite player by a mile, just wish someone had told him he had two feet.

Thanks to everyone who posted videos, amazing memories… Best of luck to him.
Love this cocaine eyed lunatic. Breaks my heart to see him go. Despite his inconsistency, he gave so many great moments that will stay with me. That rabona last season was one of the most amazing things I've seen on a football pitch.

All the best Coco.
Now I will get many dislikes 😂
Yes he showed passion on the pitch but with results of many stupid fouls, yellow cards and 1 or 2 red cards
More than 7 years at the club
170 games with 16 goals as a offensive player
Always holds the ball for to long
No right foot
Yes he had some incredible goals
That's it
In my opinion we kept him to long and should have sold him 2 or 3 years earlier

It's my opinion
I don't hate him
It's only i don't miss him like many here

No hate from me. He was a scorer of great goals but didn't score close to enough for what someone of his ability should have. Nobody can argue with facts, and 16 goals is a poor return for a player of genuine quality. I wonder if he might be better suited to being a big fish in a small pond. Wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't look like a world-beater for Sevilla. For us he was always behind Kane and Son.
So this is what heartache feels like.

No, I'm OK....just got some dust stuck in my eye...I'll be fine

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I'm going to miss Coco..... But......

This fella coming in? Is he going to make it?

Or will he be another in the mould of Jack Clarke, Ryan Sessegnon and that bloke we stiffed Fergie for who turned out to be nothing.
Loved Coco, I'm not a purist so tend not to waste time trying to convince others how knowledgeable I am regarding the abilities of players. First and foremost I expect nothing less than 100% effort from those who wear the Lilywhite and Coco gave that every second he was on the pitch albeit often resembling a Tasmanian devil.

He really got it and played the game right on the edge.......a veritable warrior on NLD days. Adios Amigo.

The first Rebona I was in Shelf upper directly level with Lamela on the edge of the box. I remember when the ball first left his foot there were immediate groans around me as people thought he had cocked it up and then utter disbelief as it went it.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen and it was a weird moment like my brain couldn't process the images and was thoroughly confused and seemed like I was watching black magic - it just didn't look right!

Only time in my 30 years of going to football that I have experienced that sensation.
Best of luck Erik, with the decline since the UCL final seeing his cameos and seeing him come on have been one of the few things that make me engaged since

I hope that in this sport when giving a shit is going the way of the NBA thanks to all the money, we can find someone who cares as much, that’s as important as anything for me now as our club and indeed sport just becomes a money making exercise

Top man Coco
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