👑 Ledley King 👑 - First Team Assistant

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Ledley will join as a member of our first team staff, working alongside the coaches, analysts and playing squad both at the Training Centre and on matchdays. He will also take on the role of supporting our academy players as they look to step up to the first team.

Great move.
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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I hate putting this in print, but when a certain player absconded to that lot down the road I never thought we would get even an half-as-good replacement. But then Ledley came along, and he blew that so-and-so out of the water. Even with a dodgy knee, he is without question the best defender I have ever seen in a Spurs shirt, by a country mile. When he played, he made his defensive partner look better. I had complete confidence in him, which is usually a rare feeling with our defence over the years (probable exceptions were Mabbsie/Gough and Jan/Toby at their peak).
Yes, I agree that if he hadn't had a dodgy knee, he would have probably moved to a top team abroad, his ability was undeniably of the highest quality.
I'm ecstatic that we have found a position for him, and I hope that he thrives in his new role.


Captain Blocker of the Blockerters
Ledley with his one knee in his prime is better than a prime VVD and I don't care what anyone says.

With 2 working legs I reckon he would've been the greatest defender the world has ever seen.



Today Is Dodo
Ledley being a part of the coaching staff is one of the many positives of the season so far. Love seeing him smile on the sidelines. Its almost like hes playing for us again.

Has clearly helped out defensively too.

Long Live The King!
One thought.

How much Football coaching can you get done in a swimming pool???

If this guy can do it in the queue of a fish and chip shop...

Legendary player but does he come across as a coach or manger?
Hope I’m proved wrong but this whiffs of a bit of a PR stunt.
If it was just for PR purposes,maybe they would have done it when Maureen turned up.
I hope its genuine,and really hope it works out.
Spurs legend and a gent to boot.
Met him at the Haringey remembrance day service a few years back.
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