2019/2020 Carabau Cup

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I so wish we could go back to the combination league and have Tottenham’s B XI play the B-teams of our rivals once again; and also have them play in the likes of the league and FA cups. It would be the easiest way to kick dead weight season damaging domestic competitions in to touch while the first team instead got on with winning the league.

The league cup lost its prestige way back in the 80’s when it first became the MILK CUP... I was there when we lost in the final.... “you can stick the milk cup up your ass” we sang.

The FA Cup is now the domestic glory cup for the minos: even Millwall put out a second string side at Rochdale and lost despite the prize being a home game agains us.

That says it all!
Another dodgy draw. What a shite competition.

And to think some people would prefer winning it to gaining a CL place!*


*Fully aware that at this precise moment we can't do the former and unlikely to achieve the latter.
What’s the last “tough” draw City got in any cup? I wouldn’t include Spurs in the CL because we were one of the more favorable draws they could get considering the teams left.
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