30 years ago Today that we last won the FA Cup

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I remember so many details from that day - the mini bus that had back doors that opened every time we went round a corner; having to use royal blue balloons because navy ones were impossible to find; having a party in the car park; two of our party watching the game on a portable black and white mini tv praying that the batteries would last; the despair when Gazza was stretchered off and Lineker missed the penalty and had a goal disallowed; the relief when we managed to get the game won; the celebrations down the High Road; enjoying a Ruby Murray at midnight; coming back to Tottenham after a few hours sleep to watch the victory parade; got right at the front at the Town Hall so had a fabulous view of the players showing off the Cup; losing my voice for a couple of days. What a great weekend that was, anyone who belittles that trophy because it doesn't generate as much money as qualifying for CL needs to think again, IMO.
Above it all Mrs P, I remember feeling connected to Gary Mabutt, to Howels Stevens, Allen, and Thomas. If Kane goes can he take Levy with him. I want to feel connected to MY CLUB again.


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I'm embarrassed by the actions of our owners and the ongoing circus around us - if you think that's ok - more fool you
I've changed my post as being embarrassed by the clubs performance and embarrassed to be a fan of the club can be two separate things, anyway, my point was that it's way ott in my opinion to describe a lack of trophies as 'shameful'.


A&C's a cunt, Hercules wanks off cats...
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Yes our financial situation back then wasn't the best. Seem to remember some of our problems were down to Irving scholar buying a clothing company to make our merchandise that went bad. Did make some decent clobber back then compared to the nike tat on offer today. Even in the latter scholar and early sugar days we dared to do. Hope to get back there one day.
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