34 Years Ago Today...

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"One Danny Thomas...
There's only one Danny Thomas!"

Arguably the moment SPURS FANS helped win us the UEFA CUP!
As a bit of a dumb kid and not fully grasping the ticket supply and demand for games like this, suffice to say I fucked up and was stood outside the ground, knowing if I went home I'd miss most if not all the game, so stayed and listened to the game on the radio outside Valantino's. Brilliant atmosphere as there were thousands like me unable to get in. There is something really beautiful when you hear the roar of a football crowd from a position outside the ground, hard to explain the feeling but one of the strangest football nights I've had following the club.
Didn't get on the high road till about 7.30.
It was deathly quite until sirens at Bruce grove two coaches of anderlecht with a motor bike escort.
Paid 4.00 cash at the park lane entrance by the old cake shop just in for k.o with cans of woodpecker and tennents extra for the snake bites.
Was with a Chelsea mate who is seen climbing the fence when Roberts scored.One Danny Thomas indeed..


I am nearly 34. Wasn’t even alive when this brilliance happened. Europa League seems so average compared to the UEFA cup even though they are kind of the same thing.
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