352/532 Formation

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The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦
3-5-2 is Contes formation. He played 3-4-3 only when he didn't have the pieces for a 3-5-2. Also, considering how everyone in this bastard league plays with a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1, the 3-5-2 is perfect against that formation because it allows everyone to mark man for man in the defence and midfield, while when attacking the 3-5-2 out-numbers the 4-3-3 because of the wing-backs pushing forward (Hakimi did that a lot for Inter this year).

When it comes to players, I've seen a lot of people going for GLC - Ndombele - Hojbjerg in the midfield. That would work under Guardiola, not Conte. Conte wants at the very least 2 engines/warriors in the midfield, so it would be far more likely to see Skippy there or, god forbid, Sissoko. The reason why Inter and Juve worked in the past is because the midfield could withstand and outrun the teams that pressure a lot without the ball to get it back as soon as possible (the 4-3-3 of Guardiola or Sarri for example). Brozovic - Barrella - Sensi or Vidal - Pirlo - Marchisio were nowhere near good enough when it comes to on the ball (guess who aside), but they could run for days.

Another thing Conte is perfect at is identifying misfiring wingers and turning them into effective wing-backs. He did it at Inter with Candreva/Perisic, at Chelsea with Moses and I'd like to think at Juve with Lichtsteiner, but I'm not quite sure if he played under Conte or if he came at the same time Allegri came. This wouldn't be that much of an issue for us down the left-wing, because we have 2 natural LWB in Reguilon and Sess, but, down the RWB, we only have Doherty, so he could turn to Bergwijn, and less likely but still possible, Lucas, to become that RWB that has the freedom of moving forward, since Skippy/Hojbjerg would turn back without the ball, effectively making it a back 4.

When it comes to the attack, as long as Kane stays, we'll have no issue with Conte. He and Son are great for Contes system, but even Dele could play in the Lautaro/Tevez/Sanchez role, alongside Kane, if Conte sees in a match that Son is having his off-days.

The pieces are there for Conte, obviously upgrades are needed, but the spine of the team is great for his tactics. Hopefully Levy gets it done, and properly backs Conte, because the man, while scum in his playing days, knows how to organise a team, and makes it greater than the sum of its parts.
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Basically my question here is who benefits from that formation and who doesn't.

I think Dele/Lamela won't fit in that formation as both are CAM'S or more advanced midfielders which doesn't work.
Bergwijn/Lucas have played false 9 before so that could work as 'part of the two' Bergwijn even as a RWB.

I think the biggest benificaries are the defenders. Reguilon/Doherty/Sess are really suited to playing WB.
Tanganga at RCB would make a lot of sense as could Ben Davies/Rodon in a back 3 which they play internationally. Alderweireld likewise has done well in a back 3.

To be honest I think it benefits more players than it doesn't.
Obviously Conte would want to bin some players anyway if he doesn't rate them or if he doesn't believe they will fight for the squad (cough cough Aurier) but this squad seems in general quite well setup for a 5-3-2/3-5-2.
Toby is better on the ball than Foyth and much less reckless, if we are playing 3-4-3 like at Chelsea Toby would be a much better player for that role. Maybe Foyth as a back-up but I think Villarreal are goi g to trigger his release clause anyways, which for me isn’t a big loss as I don’t see him close to being a top 4 player now or in the future.

I would use the mo way to buy a top quality CB.
Surely we'll be all over Skriniar if we land Conte.
I have a strong hatred and contempt for any formation that involves 3 CBs.
I feel the same.
Might of mentioned it once, but think I got away with it.

I fucking HATE 3 at the back.

Good point, though I thought he was ok there in a back 3 (which I hate)

I think I would go 3 at the back( and I hate 3 at the back), bring Reggie on at LWB, Bale for Lucas.

I'm not happy. I fucking HATE 3 at the back,

I hate 3 at the back.

I've been thinking about this 3 at the back, which I hate.


Now you know why I fucking HATE 3 atb.
The 3-5-2 would hurt classic #10's, classic fullbacks, and classic wingers.

It benefits tweener CB's, wingback types, and creative deeper-lying midfielders.

Only Aurier and arguably Reguilon really fit the former categories, perhaps Lamela and Lucas.

We're full of the latter categories. Ndombele, GLC and PEH make total sense as the midfield 3 in that system. Kane, Son, Dele, Bale, and Lucas would be lots of quality and depth up top. Squint and Reguilon, Sess, Doherty and maybe Bergwijn could give you a fullback rotation. Skipp can spell PEH.

We would need more options at those number 8 positions (Dele and Lamela would fail there, Winkssoko not good enough), and obviously the backline remains a big problem. Playing out of the back with Lloris and Hart is also scary.

But it makes a lot more pieces fit than the generic 4-2-3-1 does at this point.
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Tier 1
I like him more in the Conte Lautaro Martinez role than the Poch Eriksen role. Anyway I don't think he's in our best XI either way.

True. Then he did a lot of Hazard and Morata up top his second season to much lesser effect.

Son Kane Bale/Lucas/Bergwijn certainly gives us the front 3 option as well.

I like Son and Kane as a duo though.
Pretty certain that Bale is gone, based off of the manages comments today.

Tanganga Toby Rodon
Doherty Ndombele Hojbjerg Lo Celso Regulion
Kane Son
Looking at this team, I'd say Conte would want four first team players: 2 centre halves, 1 central midfielder (upgrade on hojbjerg) and a right wing-back. And I think that's a minimum, as he might not be that keen on N'Dombele or Lo Celso either.

But 4 signings would be a good starting point, I think. Not completely impossible.

Tanganga Toby Rodon
Doherty Ndombele Hojbjerg Lo Celso Regulion
Kane Son

Actually 3-5-2 looks to me the best suited. Allows Doherty and Regulion to play in their natural positions, puts a 3 man strong midfield and lets Rodon and Tanganga use their mobility as CB’s.
It would also help Son to stay forward.

He has spent a lot of time playing cover for Reguillon when the latter went forward and lost his form badly.

Conte needs yo get in his face and tell Son to stay up front and just keep shooting instead of passing back.
Foyth is so good on the ball, by far and away the best ball playing cb at the club. Chelsea under Conte utilized Luiz as a ball playing cb who could sometimes go into midfield.

A big problem with our current squad is that we don't have many options who can receive and redistribute the ball well. I recall our game against Chelsea earlier in the season where they dominated us and won 1-0. Despite playing an extra defender to us they had way more players on the pitch who could receive a pass, redistribute and play one touch, this is something I feel Foyth would give us.

I agree that Tanganga is a promising player and even less error prone that Foyth but I think that Foyth would give the squad something different.
Villareal will exercise their option to buy, Foyth is as good as gone, we should forget about him.
Probably hurts Dele the most as he is really our only pure #10.
I like him more in the Conte Lautaro Martinez role than the Poch Eriksen role. Anyway I don't think he's in our best XI either way.

At Chelsea, did Conte not play a 5-2-3?

Hazard Costa Pedro as the front 3.
True. Then he did a lot of Hazard and Morata up top his second season to much lesser effect.

Son Kane Bale/Lucas/Bergwijn certainly gives us the front 3 option as well.

I like Son and Kane as a duo though. They have the combo of pace, technical ability, and understanding with one another to replicate the Lukaku/Lautaro thing that tore Serie A to shreds.


3 at the back requires mobile defenders who can act like full backs in situations so that should be good news for Rodon, Tanganga and even Sanchez. Shame Foyth is off as he is class in possession and quite mobile.

Ideally you want an out and out leader in the middle of the 3 and that is the issue.


The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦
Sorry if I am misunderstanding the bolded part are you saying that the players you mentioned weren't good with the ball?

All those guys are much better on the ball compared to PEH and Sissoko who you listed. I think GLC has the motor/engine to work in a MF under Conte.

To me what we seem to be missing is a versatile MF like Brozovic, Vidal, Marchisio that can play multiple roles and is good with the ball and defensively as well as a deep lying play maker like Pirlo or Brozovic.
They're more like the Hendersons, Wanyamas and Kantes of the world instead of Dembele, Thiago or KDB. That's why I said that these guys resemble Hojbjerg for us. He knows how to play with the ball, but it's not his biggest strength compared to someone like Ndombele. Pirlo was the only one that was brilliant on the ball, and even he was played as the deepest-lying playmaker in the midfield 3, with Vidal and Marchisio staying further forward. He has those 2 engines with Skipp and Hojbjerg, and the last role will be match dependant between GLC, Ndombele and Sissoko, with Ndombele being the clear favourite most of the time based on the fact that Conte REALLY wanted him at Inter.

Edit: I also wouldn't be surprised if Conte sees Sissoko as a RWB, just like Poch tried to make him but failed when he played as a RB v Brighton away (where Hugo got injured and we lost 3-0).
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