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It will be a massive hindrance and is essentially the Intertoto Cup.

It is only a hinderance if we overplay guys that have no business playing in it. Jose was stupid with his team selections and subs in Europa way overplaying PEH, Kane and Son.

There is no reason we can't play a B team in this competition and use it to get guys who need playing time a chance to play. We hopefully will have a lot of young guys in the team next year that need time and this is a great opportunity to get them that time. The key is to say our key 1st team guys are not playing in it, at least until we get to the knock out stages and stick to that, don't panic that we aren't up 10-0 after 20 minutes like what happened this year.
Mate, I've flown first class to the states and back 4+ times. Not quite private jet, I'll give you that, but no way on earth would I have been at my best to play football within 8 hours of the flight. Tbh, coming back this way from there, I'm usually jetlagged out of my mind for a week.
Exactly.... it’s a bit different as they are in and out and probably stay on U.K. time zone but it’s a night without sleep (ish) and can’t be good for muscle recovery. I know they aren’t cramped up in cattle but on tired limbs, a 1% negative effect is a big deal
What position finishes in what cup - trying to find the different permutations?
I think (but I’m not certain) that 1-4 get CL, 5th and 6th get Europa League and 7th get a place in the Europa Conference.
This is it. The only variable is Liverpool or Leicester are 4th, Chelsea win CL then they take the CL place from whoever comes 4th
This explains it pretty good!
are we better off being out of europe next season giving the new manager training/coaching time with the players or do we use the euro football to give the second 11 playing time ?

with out euro football we could get rid of many of the high paid rarely used players and bring kids into the club,
Most of my Woolwich supporting mates would rather avoid the Europa Conference than finish above us.

I think both sets of supporters have come to terms with the fact this has been a shit season and would rather avoid making next season more difficult with that tinpot cup
Really don't want part of this Europa conference bullshit league but also don't want the scum to finish above us.

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Whilst I'm not particularly bothered one way or the other about finishing in any European places at the moment, is it not important for us to finish in Europe (whichever competition) as this will have an effect on our coefficient, which could become important under the new CL format proposed for 2024? I've heard this somewhere, I could be way off though I don't know. This may have been addressed previously in the thread but I haven't gone back.

Still, either way I'm not that arsed. Just get this wretched season over with.


SE23 in the streets, N17 in the sheets
I can't ever want to finish below the Woolwich. Ever. I don't mind the idea of the Conference League, at the end of the day we deserve it for being awful but it's better than nothing and if the club really hate the idea then play U23s and fringe 1st team players, they should still be good enough to beat the likes of Aberdeen. I just cannot find it in myself to actively want to avoid a trophy, no matter what it is.
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