Adama Traore

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Wolves fans really rate the guy it seems! I think this is more of an exciting signing than it seems.

Agreed. Don’t bother looking at the latest pages on the forums as it’s a bunch of bitter cunt Wolves fans. Look previous when Traore was rumoured to be signing a contract and they were creaming their pants, all you need to know

Inject in my veins motherfuckas!!! Never known such a salty bunch of cunts than these Wolves fans
Tbh it’s actually mostly intelligent discussion about his pros and cons.
Obviously a lot of butthurt towards Spurs, but that’s to be expected considering we’re about to leach one of their most explosive players on a discount.


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Not overly excited about it and would much rather actually get a. a good player and b. a player that we don't have to hope can adapt to the position he is most likely going to be used in, but at least it is an attempt to do something which is how low the bar is set with transfers and Spurs now.

It also was getting tiresome being frustrated with the same old guys so if nothing else we at least get someone new to frustrate us.


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Looking forward to watching his runs. Not so much looking forward to his deliveries 🙈. Hopefully Conte can get some more out of him.

Won’t be boring viewing, that’s for sure.
I could see Adama being given the same role that Doherty has worked these last few games, with him more focused on making runs into the box to cause chaos rather than crossing.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!

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