Adama Traore

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The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦
Seen sources linking us to both the Villareal RB, Serge Aurier and Juan Foyth. Any idea if they're any good? :levyeyes:
How many more times can this guy > :levyeyes:keep on doing, this before he becomes this guy >:goonermong:

Daniel Levy must have a Boris Johnson picture in his office to motivate him to this level of competence.
Delete thread please

Not quite yet...

I think he would have been a bad influence in the dressing room. Imagine the stench of baby oil from his locker?

I had a boyfriend once who used Tigerbalm on his legs after playing/training. We eventually broke up because I didn’t want to hang around him on weekends with the stench.
dont know whether to lol or cry.... that sooo many people said 'he's got no end product' and Barcelona are up for him is perhaps the worlds biggest mysteries...
"Jorge Mendes have created a four-way solution involving Barca, Wolves, Adama & Trincao; 1. Wolves will cover Adama's salary until end of the season with Barca paying the minimum required by La Liga; 2. Wolves will buy Trincao but the buy option will have Adama's wage cost deducted."
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