Adama Traore

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I think he's retired.
Officially came out of retirement (along with Grimace) at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I know, because our spot was right outside the 6th Ave. McDonald's and I was told this by the marketing rep that handed me some noise sticks and a Ronald McDonald mask. I think it was a mask, I didn't keep it.
This is like the joke about flushing a curry down the loo to 'cut out the middle Man'...

We're basically saving ourselves the next 2 seasons of nervous speculation that he'll 'inevitably join a Bigger club' by 'letting' him go there straight away!!!
Honestly couldn't care less that he isn't coming, would have been yet another square peg in a round hole at RWB, and also has the technique of a schoolboy.

I am obviously pissed that we spent so long seemingly chasing him and are left in yet another last minute mad dash in the bargains bin however, but that's Levy for ya.
"Jorge Mendes have created a four-way solution involving Barca, Wolves, Adama & Trincao; 1. Wolves will cover Adama's salary until end of the season with Barca paying the minimum required by La Liga; 2. Wolves will buy Trincao but the buy option will have Adama's wage cost deducted."
That sort of seems a bit dodgy. Wolves loan out Adama and pay his wages and give an option to buy in exchange for an option to buy on another winger that has no goal contributions in 17 league games this season. And if Barca don't take up the option to buy then he only has 12 months on his contract and will go for even less? Jorge Mendes seems to do pretty well out of that arrangement though, getting paid twice!
I can accept him choosing Barca over us that’s fine but I doubt we would negotiate for a player who Conte doesn’t want nor ask him to come if he hate the RWB role, I don’t think we are that stupid, maybe we are but that would be disappointing.

Maybe there are better picks but the problem is this, if not Traore, who?

Conte seems to like Wingers converted to Wing Backs who can dribble well and provide width at least that is his history. The two remaining obvious ones are Lamptey and Livramento who are prem proven, beyond that we are taking gambles.

Well we were talking about enormous gamble as it was.
It was quoted that Traores wage would have been 120 k£ per week... for player of poor output who has not played in this position that is unreal risk, specially paired with the price.

So it's hardly like he would have fitted like hand to glove into this position.

Obviously I don't have list of RWBs to give you, but if we have even quarter-capable scouting team - for 25 m£ and 120k£ per week salary there should be lot of options. For that position I am also fine with taking chance with players out of EPL.
dont know whether to lol or cry.... that sooo many people said 'he's got no end product' and Barcelona are up for him is perhaps the worlds biggest mysteries...

Hardly a mistery.

With Luuk de Jong, Braitwhite etc - he fits into their legion of shit footballers quite well.
And in recent history there are lot more examples like that.

Kids - let's not forget - it was Barca's board that took on Coutinho and Dembele in respective windows - this has cost them roughly 400 million and given back fuck all.
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