He still gets paid. Whether it is a blessing or not is difficult to say, my instinct says 'fuck' purely because we are back to one striker who isn't the most reliable.
I had a feeling he might go to the ACN... moments after he scored against Reading!

Meh, if he goes, he goes... we'll just have to up the ante to bring Leandro Damiao in won't me?

Belgian Spur

His wages are paid by the club but the Togo football ass has to pay some kind of assurance fee (been decided a few years back) and the clubs get money for their players that are going to tournaments from the FIFA.
His game , score, points or whatever premium does not have to be paid obv except if Ade has a very good contract, i ve seen contracts from players that got paid for all these things even when injured , suspended or ... But these are an exception.
Not buying into the 'good, it'll force us into buying a decent striker' school of thought. that will lead to panic buying and ultimately overspending on someone like Remy.

Also it adds unfavourable pressure and expectation on someone coming in.

If Leandro is the man we want, and we get him now, its going to be a real baptism of fire.

Yet ideally he would come in under circumstances where we dont have to play him. Where we can give him time to settle and use him sparingly to ease into the new way of playing.
Might actually do him some good, you never know, he might find a little bit of form, some confidence and some swagger.

Came in to say this. This could be good for everyone if both Defoe and Ade are on separate pitches, yet playing games and building confidence, and of course should make Levy more aggressive for another striker. Of course, it could all implode once they all come together as well.

It's also fully possible AVB has been ordered to give Ade playing time for the purpose of "displaying the goods" for any potential buyers.
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