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The AVB rift nonsense in the press is just SKY's feeble attempt to stir thing up, and trying to generate some interest/revenue ahead of Saturday's game v QPR... but other than that, Ade needs to know when he's well off.
Play your football, thank the club/staff/fans, off you go to the ACN in SA, and come back rejuvenated, scoring a fucking hat-ful between Feb-May on your return... Ta!
Ade nobody got time for that

Was going thru all the Away Days vids from last season and this came up, found it telling:


How much things change, then they cycle back to where they were. The guy has talked some shit on AVB apparently and hasn't been scoring much (that said, a lot of his goals last year were pens and we haven't been awarded a SINGLE FUCKING ONE this season) but keep a mind for how the media likes to shit on Spurs.

Not saying Ade isn't a one-season wonder who once he gets a contract gives up, cause that might be the case, but keep a level head. Interview he gave could've been in another language and translated favorably or quoted misleadingly. The English press hate us and even more so AVB for some fucking reason. If Ade is acting up he'll be dealt with by the club. Available to play vs QPR apparently, that game will give us some idea as to what's going on.


ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Oh dear

Adebayor blasts 'liar' Villas-Boas over Cup of Nations claims

Emmanuel Adebayor has blasted Tottenham manager Andre-Villas Boas for 'lying' to the media.

The Spurs boss told the press he would be happy for the striker to go to the Africa Cup of Nations with Togo.

But Adebayor disputes this, saying: 'That is what he said to the press but not what he said to me.

'There is a difference between what you say to the press and what you say in private.'
Daily Fail said:
Adebayor in exclusive interview!

Explains that entire Spurs operation controlled by Propaganda Ministry carrying Orwellian name "public relations"!

Reveals internal memos suggesting that Spurs have LIED while (not) UNDER OATH in order to cynically manipulate transfer market!

Shows that Daniel Levy is a cruel punisher, demanding that other clubs actually DISCUSS the price of players before a sale is made! "Fax machine fascist," implies Adebayor, who despite seeing his friends gunned down in Angola, RISKED (none of) HIS LIFE TO SMUGGLE OUT THESE TALES FROM ENFIELD GULAG!!!

We must, on behalf of our readers and the poor (not) MISTREATED SOULS AT SPURS DEMAND: MR. CAMERON, INTERCEDE IMMEDIATELY!!!
Ade Out... Levy Out... AVB OUT!!

I don't believe a word, but I get the hunch that's precisely what the Scum loving Media want to hear Spurs fans saying...

...maybe they can't handle the fact we might, one day soon, become a GENUINE contender... so they'll do everything within their power (and the law) to do whatever they can to upset the apple cart...
I'm not saying the entire British Media is anti-Semitic or anti-Spurs... but they do seem to love revelling in a bit of conflict at THFC!

Not Spurs specifically...but the fact the media only ever liked us when Harry was in charge (it was a weird and dirty feeling), and they never liked AVB, there are no issues for them causing shit for us now AVB is our manager.
Google Translate said:
Emmanuel Adebayor announced Wednesday Didier Six, the French coach of Togo, it will eventually not participate in the African Cup of Nations to be held in South Africa from 19 January to 10 February. Adebayor appeared yet on the list of 23 selected to compete Hawks released Thursday by the Togolese. But it is precisely this that creates the list malaise: not transmitted by the Six its leaders! Faced with this new episode hardly believable, the former Monaco has decided to throw in the towel. And other players would consider imitating ... - B.Gh.
So the manager submitted a different squad to the one that was made public earlier which has pissed off some Togo players including Ade.

I still think he goes, will probably kick up a fuss but he will go all the same.
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