John Bennett, BBC Sport, in Rustenburg for Ivory Coast v Togo: "Togo players at their team hotel tell me Emmanuel Adebayor has settled in well since finally deciding to take part in the Africa Cup of Nations. Striker Komlan Amewou says 'we are so happy to have him back. When I heard he wasn't going to come I phoned him and said he had to play, he's my best friend.'"

Traore, Drogba and Yaya are so ripping them a new one though...
Well to summarise...

Togo had a goal disallowed at 1-1 because some one was fouling Ade and the ref thought he would stop the corner mid flow and have a word.

Ade never so much as broke out into a jog off the ball, only ran a couple of times with the ball and missed a sitter.

The forehead gooner scored a very late winner.

Ivory Coast 2 - 1 Togo
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