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But again, the fans do call themselfs yews aswell. In the Netherlands judaism isn't that 'big/common' anymore since they weren't allowed to live here anymore (WW ll). It's believed that there are only between 30k/40k active jews in Holland whom most live in Amsterdam.

But i'm actually quite curious what this programme is about, hope you can remind me when the VOD is released since I forget everything.
It was a strange programme in some respects, couldn't quite grasp what the agenda was or the conclusion they came too.
However, I did grasp that Ajax is completely different to us in Jewish terms, they didn't embrace the name in defence like us; positively, but (if anything) aggressively. Found it hard to properly back them but not for the simple reason of "it's threatening and scaring other fans off".
Daniel Wynne (tottenham trust guy) spoke well though, he always does.
I'm still listening, but I sort of finally understand Baddiel's logic. People in Holland want Ajax to stop calling themselves the Jews, since, they believe, without that provocation, it will not invite anti-Semitic remarks in response. Sort of like, "Hey, Ajax, if you didn't call yourself 'Jews', Feyenoord would no longer make chants about gas chambers."

It's a very peculiar position (which ACT UP fought against with the slogan "SILENCE = DEATH"), but I can see the motivations behind it, and, subsequently, I can see Baddiel's point: if everyone stopped using the y-word, then positive uses of it wouldn't encourage anti-Semitism. Short-sighted and vaguely incoherent, but not bat-shit crazy.
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