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Do (we) as a club lack it?

“I can understand the frustration of the manager,” BT Sport presenter Lineker told, “He’s done such an unbelievable job.

“I’ve been saying this about Tottenham for four years now, but this is a seminal moment for them and they’ve got to decide what they are.

“Are they just going to be a smaller club that punches above its weight occasionally? If they continue to do that, they will lose someone even as loyal as Harry Kane – because he’ll want to win things.

“You can see Pochettino’s irritations there. They’re just two or three players short of being a team who could challenge Manchester City or Liverpool, and they’ve been that for a number of years.



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I’m very happy with our Club

From the ground to the training facilities to the team to the manager to the owners

Always room for improvement but compared to some of the shite I and others of a similar age have had to put up with since the early 60s this is brilliant


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I know Lineker was good for us when he played but I can’t stand the patronising overpaid jug eared cunt now

Ruined MOTD imv
We will know in 24 hours. Lineker says he has been saying it for 4 years. I think a lot of us have been saying it a lot longer.

The stadium and training ground plus the wage cap rise are all good but it's on the pitch where it counts. The links to world-class players is great and all, however, that's all they are.

I really think the next 24 hours could make or break us for the coming season.
Frankly, I'm tired of the logic that says [player] will leave [club] because he wants to "win something."

Football (once a sport) has become completely infected by the logic of the marketplace, to the point where it is now a commodity more than it is a sport. This is why the interest generated by transfer news has eclipsed many people's love for the game itself (including on this forum): it is precisely because these "players" have been degraded and reduced into mere commodities for exchange—their sport degraded and reduced into a mere opportunity for generating revenue.

In the end-game of capitalism, there is only one game in town—it's not football and it's certainly not a game that [player] could leave [club] to win. In the end-game of capitalism, the real players are the multinational corporations that own our beloved clubs of old and that own Gary Lineker, commodity pundit that he is. Kane might leave the club for PSG someday. Who knows! But will it be because he wants to "win something," or will it be because that's the lie we have all, Kane included, been sold?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to the Villa game on Saturday.


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TBH I didn't even warm to him when he was with us, can't put my finger on it, just didn't like him.

Same here

I never thought that he was genuine

Heart never in it for me unlike Jurgen!

We were very good with him when his son was ill although I wouldn’t wish that on anyone
I quite like him.

But to the question :

Attempting to spend 3x £50m + transfer deals in one window is a big change for spurs, even if 2 do not come off.
I can’t stand the virtue signalling little crisp shagger. Odious little toad.

But sadly I agree with him. This window just proves it

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