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1447 FOOTBALL: Former Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti has hinted he would be interested in the Tottenham job if current incumbent Harry Redknapp succeeds Fabio Capello as England boss. He told La Repubblica: "In a few months Capello's job will go to an Englishman that will free up a spot at a club. Only big jobs interest me like Liverpool and Tottenham. But I'm not in a rush."

Would you be happy with that should 'Arry take the England job?


The Fighting Cock
I'm happy with Harry but yea, if/when he leaves, definitely. Nice to hear a manager of his calibre say he is interested.

Plus Flav will run down the street naked. :hi5:


"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab
Think it would be a good move. It would be another positive statement of intent from the club. With just any 'ol hiring I would get very nervous that Bale and Redknapp's chosen few would try to ditch, but I think the hiring of Ancelotti would give them pause to say "I think I'll give it another go..."

Great record / I think he'll be hungry for revenge against Chelsea / Spurs would be a great project for him. Not a complete turnaround, but a team that Ancelotti, I think, has the tools to fire into title contention. If Redknapp is a distinctly "English" manager, then I think Ancelotti would help in attracting big talent in the Serie and La Liga to round out the team, whereas I think Redknapp tends to be very xenophobic, except in the case of Croatians. Don't get me wrong, I think he's been great for the club. Redknapp isn't my favorite character, I wish he'd shut his fucking mouth. But, I think he was a smart choice in turning the club around. With Daniel Levy as a foil to his rather negative tendencies to sign over-priced talent, and also with Levy's pressure to strike a balance between experience v. youth/vigor, I think he's given Spurs what was lacking. Moving forward, though, I'm not sure he's the right person to launch the club into the next level. I think you can easily look at Redknapp and be a bit confused as to what he does really well. He's viewed as a great man manager, but then you look at half the team that he's frozen out and you have to wonder how he really is in that department... Also, he's viewed as a great transfer window man, but it looks increasingly like Levy is the main man pulling the strings during the window. To be fair, though, Friedel and Parker both wreak of Redknapp, and both have turned out to be excellent acquisitions that many fans were very resistant to. I think that Redknapp, rather than being a case of really propelling the team forward, is really just not holding them back.

Maybe Ancelotti isn't the answer. Isn't there a thread on here hyping Gus Poyet? Don't really see him getting the nod considering he left/was pushed out alongside Ramos just a couple of years ago.
[email protected] McLaren.

When Arry leaves, I'd be happy with Ancellotti. We need a manager of a certain calibre. People will talk about what type of player the manager will appeal to. I think that goes for current players as well as potential signings. If we are lucky enough to still have Modric, Rafa, Bale etc I think Ancellotti coming on board would have a similar impact as buying a top drawer player - like showing our best players we are serious about competing at the highest level.

Having said all that, if I could, I would keep Arry.
I'd like our manager to be experienced and considered tactically aware - then we will have nothing to moan about.
it is written in the stars for ancelotti to come to spurs, with all the timing and everything.

wenger isn't going to leave arse - he is too stubborn and unless he gets them relegated, the goons board will harp on about how he's done this, that and the other for them over the years (which i think is fair enough tbh even though i hate the cunt, he deserves a bit of slack).

king kenny won't leave liverpool, they are way too deluded to be unhappy with him, they still believe that even despite their drubbing by us they are still better).

foreskin head will take over england and carlo will be the main man.

written in the stars.
I think something might be happening behind the lines. You know, Levy might allready know that Harry leaves next year, which gives him the chance to make a deal with Carlo and phase him in nice and easy until he takes over permanent?

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