Andros Townsend

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Andros Townsend..would you to keep him?

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Well played Poch.

Evening Standard
Andros Townsend has been fined and banished from the Tottenham squad for tomorrow’s game with Anderlecht after his clash with a club fitness coach.

Townsend was seen grappling with Nathan Gardiner during the warm down after Monday’s 3-1 win over Aston Villa and head coach Mauricio Pochettino confirmed he would not be considered for the Europa League tie at White Hart Lane.

Pochettino did not say whether Townsend would be brought back for the derby at Woolwich on Sunday and was clearly unimpressed with the winger’s behaviour, although Pochettino said Townsend recognised his mistake.

He said: “Because of [the incident on] Monday, he is not available for selection. When you behave in the wrong way, you always need to pay. Discipline is very important to me.
“We have a young squad who can make mistakes but when you cross the limit it’s important to stop that. Sometimes when you don’t play as much as you expect, I can understand it, but it’s not the way to impress the manager.
“He needs to learn about football, which isn’t just playing the game. He needs to learn about behaviour, discipline. You need to have the responsibility of a professional.”

“If Andros Townsend is in the squad, it means we believe in him and that he can give us good things. After that, it is up to the player to show me I am wrong.”
I feel a bit sorry for Townsend. He isn't a bad guy really, just struggling to hit any form and get in the team, he's young and frustrated and lost his cool a bit. I think Poch dealt with it right and we'll see what happens. My feeling is that he probably isn't quite good enough to force himself into the team again, and so along with everything else we'll sell him to another team, or perhaps use him in a swap deal for somebody. But I do feel we should have a little more respect for him, he hasn't ever done anything against the club and always tried his best, just a shame that he never learnt to keep his shots down and on target.

This image sent chills down my spine to the very depth of my scrotal sack.

The passion shown from our boys brought a tear to my eye, they have bonded so very well that even on international duty their loyalty shows. If you cut them they would bleed lilly white and navy blue.:walkercry:
I'm a Kane advocate and think Ade is probably the most underrated creative player we have. My first team would be:


IMO Ade should be the glue that links all of our attacks.

This isn't a knee jerk. I said this before the season started.

A backup can be either Kane or Ade up front and Dembele, Mason, bentaleb, Chadli and Paulinho can all play the 3 AMs.

Capoue, Vlad and beast should be our DMs. (Plus the new signings can play there too).

I'm convinced our crappy wingers/backs are to blame for ALL of our issues. Attack and defense. With these players out of the club, our players will flourish.

Townsend going an entire prem season without an assist backs up my opinion. (Again, not a knee jerk, I claimed it before last season).

Right you complain that we have too many "AM's" but rather than play one of them in the actual no. 10 position you want to put our best no. 9 in there instead?!

And put one of our centre halves in defensive midfield instead of one of the three specialists that we already have......

And Paulinho is not a no.10 in any sense of the word. Box to box midfielder.

Dont know your arse from your elbow fella.
A little less than 12 months ago the idea of signing Junior Hoilett as a cheap/free backup for both wings was deemed a fairly good idea. Townsend has looked better than Hoilett at QPR plus is a) left footed b) already ours c) cheaper (wages wise) d) a yid and e) much more motivated to succeed.

I'd be gutted if we let him go. He does seem to like to shoot a lot but if your only other option is to try to pick out Bobby Zamora what would you do?
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