Andros Townsend

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Andros Townsend..would you to keep him?

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'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
Good luck to him, hope he goes on to prove the club wrong.

Newcastle still have to play both Cities so could do us a favour in the process.
Especially as we're not privy to what has happened, if it's just an argument with a coach at training, then I think that's a massive overreaction from the club.

He wasn't getting a look in prior to that. He just isn't suited to or wanted by the manager.

Wish him well at Toon, just not on the final day of the season.
Bye Andros - the game against Charlton will live long in the memory.

On another note, well done Levy. Not his biggest fan but he's done very well there.
Great money for an average player.

Wish him the best of luck, always seemed a good lad. Can't seem him prospering at Newcastle either tbh.

Yup, hopefully he becomes a long term feature of theirs and does well (not against us of course).

That said, I can't really say I hope they stay up - would much prefer sides like Bournemouth and Norwich to survive. Can see Villa away being a bit more in demand this season if we're playing well as it could be our last trip there for a few years.
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