Is this going to be one of those different years and therefore open to several clubs to win the Premiership?

Early indications are that Liverpool are not as good and now may have lost Van Dyik for 6/7 months.
Man City and Chelsea have players but maybe not a team. Woolwich still have Luiz !
Everton etc don't have the squad to keep up so it could be a re-run of Leicester vs Spurs.

We have strengthened every area of the team and if everyone buckles down and our results attract Skrinier in Jan window the news is ...


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
- Strongest team we've had in the Premier League era.
- Best striker in the Premier League
- One of the most successful managers of the modern era.

Not really sure we have any excuses if we're not at least in with a chance come the final few months of the season.
We should be in the mix. Next 4 fixtures are very winnable. Get through those with absolute minimum of 10 points and good performances, not just grinds, and I 'll really start believing


Fuck yes we are.

We're going to win the league, the FA Cup, the League cup and the Europa League and you know what? Fuck it, let's win the Euros next year whilst we're at it.

With Sonny, Bale and Kane up front nothing will stop us.
We, along with every top side, should feel like we have a chance. This is not going to be a 90 point season for any side. The 2 standout teams from the last 2 years have clear issues that will see to that.

Games like tomorrow are so important. Jose still has an ability to manage the big games well, but we need to consistently win against mid table teams to get the sort of points tally that’ll give us a chance.

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I'm still not convinced that we have the consistency required, and I'm still trying to keep my feelings on an even keel after a couple of decent performances - it's the hope that kills you!

I suppose we have a good a chance as anybody, but we really need a little bit of luck to get a trophy over the line.

I haven't really watched much football this season (apart from us, of course), but having caught MOTD tonight, I picked up on that, so far, there hasn't been a nil-nil game. What I have noticed is that most defences are all over the shop, and that we are no worse than anyone else. In fact, if it hadn't been for one of the worst penalty decisions ever given when we played Newcastle, we would be sitting pretty near the top of the table.
Liverpool have had two seasons back to back with little to no injuries. They were pretty shit until they signed Allison and Van Dyke. Both now out and will be for a while.

City’s success over last decade was largely based around a trio of Kompany, Silva and Aguerro. With Aguerro forever injured now, all three have effectively gone. I think City look ordinary and their defence is particularly suspect.

Chavs conceded 54 league goals last season, the same number as Brighton. You’d think if they were lashing out £250 million in the summer just gone (on the back of their most recent financial year loss of £100 million), they’d have bought a few defenders. Not a bit of it though. They’ve lready conceded 9 in 5 games and drawn 3-3 with both West Brom and Southampton.

Our next four league games are Spammers (h), Burnley (a), Brighton (h), West Brom (a). Four wins there please or at worst maybe 10 out of 12 points, tomorrow is after all
The Spammers Cup Final. I’ll start talking about winning the league then.


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We absolutely could. But with the squad we now have and Jose at the helm, there are no more excuses. Its time to deliver.

We will win something this year, of that i am sure (and that is a great feeling).
Can someone close this thread FFS. Way to early to be even thinking about this. If we’re in first place or within 5 points of the top at the beginning of March, I might start believing, until then though, let’s just take it one game at a time.

I’m an optimistic fan but even I think this forum has got a little too ahead of itself since that Man U game. We’ve only won half our league games so far and have failed to win at home. The other clubs will be laughing their hole off at this thread.


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It certainly doesn't look like anyone is going to run away with the title this season unless perhaps we can. Bad first result but I fully expect four consecutive wins starting with tomorrow's game.
Put it this way, with how the other teams seem to be performing (apart from Everton) I really cannot see any reason why not considering the squad we have.
We have a genuine opportunity to finally win another league title. Let's hope we grasp it with both hands (or should that be feet ?)
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