I'm very rarely proud of myself
Let’s just hope this thread doesn’t go from optimism to expectation.

I believe the league is stronger than ever. The bigger teams appear to have issues and the smaller teams are as strong as they’ve ever been. It’s certainly possible we won’t see one of the usual few winning the title and there’s no reason why it can’t be us.

Saying that, back to my first paragraph. We can win this, but I don’t expect us to.
For me looking at the league so far I would say anything is possible especially with no crowds playing a part.
The squad looks as strong as it has done for a long time, in fact probably better than the one poch had in his first three seasons.
My only concern is being clinical enough to put games to bed the Newcastle one springs to mind even though we were robbed by a dodgy decision, the game should been out of site in the first half.
What does work in our favour is Jose has bags of confidence and experience which can rub off onto the players and club, I think we can we win it but it will need us to start putting a consistent run together starting today.


Where Poch made us dare... José will make us do!!
Every season I hope we challenge for the league, not top 4 but the actual title.

This season I really do think we can not only challenge for the title but win it. I'm not hoping for a title challenge anymore, I'm expecting one.

COYS! :mourbringit:
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