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One step further - Birmingham City won a trophy (their only honour) in the most hilarious ending to a final ever, and Pavlyuchenko relegated them.

Didn't Wigan get relegated the same season they won the FA cup (2013?)


Wigan are the only club to win it and get relegated. A current Spurs player also played in that game.
I echo the sentiment of those who say we should wait a bit. The last week was exciting but there are so many games to play.

I would prefer to wait and see how we do against the big boys and also whether we can consistently churn out results against the small clubs like West ham. At the end of November we will have a good idea.
Come on everybody, no more doom and gloom please. We have a strong squad with lots of choices for formations/strategies and the future looks very promising. Let's leave the 'bad vibes' locked away and only bring them out if and when our performances and results deserve it.
We are playing West Ham at home just off the back of a 6-1 win against Man Utd. Watch and enjoy as we rip the bastards apart
Looking at the next 4 games, they are all winnable which means we'll probably fuck them up. However, if (and its a bloody big IF), we get 12 or even 10 points then I reckon we will top the league. Then we can get talking.
Anyway back to reality, have West Ham scored yet ?
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