Audi Cup 2019

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I went to this last time , mainly because I never envisaged us playing in the Champions League so wouldn’t get to Bayern’s ground.

And yet tomorrow we will be playing in THE SEMI FINAL.

Hopefully make this tournament again. A good trip
In normal circumstances this would be an epic jolly that ticks many boxes.... however I am still paying off Madrid!
And need to start saving for Istanbul....!!
Went last time and it was a good trip same as the op never thought I would get to see us in Munich.
There was a mad session with the norwegians outside the Irish pub before the first game.

Radical Rei

Cheese room enthusiast
Repeat of those glory glory days please


Anyone planning on watching in any City boozers? On ITV4 I believe so shouldn't be a problem for pubs to put on. Nice bit of viewing for a post work pint on a Tuesday
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