Auto Sin Bin Feature

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Can people be auto binned for continually posting the same thing over and over and over?
eg AVB is shit, Spurs are shit, I could do much better, this is how to make us great etc etc.
Can I be exempt from this new feature please.
This is getting so boring.
Ok, but I still think its a good idea. Case would obviously have to invest some kind of pattern recognition software for it to work, but it could work. The cost of the software would mean that we would have to move to a paid website, but I have the dinero so I don't mind. #carlitiolite


Papering over the cracks
Wouldn't be hard to implement, just some simple code that senses how hard the keyboard keys are being bashed while typing a post. Too many near-misses would indicate posting while drunk too. Bonus. And works on touchscreens. Double-bonus. Would be a great time to go all-in on shares with spam detection technologies. Win-win.
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