Battle of the bus parkers

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Newcastle successfully did the old bus parking routine against us, that Villa also nearly pulled off. We operated in ‘the Tottenham zone’ which is a semi-circle around the 18 yard box where we pass from side to side across the pitch with no effect.

So how do we beat the bus parkers? Why are our players apparently told never to cross the ball or shoot?


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What's really stopping Woolwich from doing the exact same next week and just knocking it long for the pace of Pepe and Aubamayang to cause our defence problems?

I really hope Ndombele is fit.
I would've stuck Rose/KWP/Lucas/Son all out as wide as possible today dragging 4 players with them. The space was non-existent when we picked up the ball fairly central and there was an alarming lack of 20 yard shots today.

If the opposition are playing so deep then the argument would be to remove a defensive player (which we did today) but I don't know what Lo Celso was told by the management today because he didn't seem to have a role? Maybe bringing him and Eriksen on together was pointless and the solution is to bring one on with Davies, pushing Rose up to basically hug the touchline on Newcastle's last line of defence.

I think it's a poor reflection on Poch that after 5 years(?) he still hasn't worked out a plan B for this kind of match, other than sort of copying what I would do on a manager game and just put on more and more attackers.
  1. Stop playing two midfielders together who have no ability to unlock the defence
  2. Tell Kane to stop standing still off the ball. Where's the bulldozing Kane? Has injuries taken that out of him?
  3. Natural width!!! Apart from Rose they all want to come inside clogging up the space.
  4. Stick to one system. All this tinkering probably confuses the players. The best football under Poch came mostly in a 4-2-3-1. Not a diamond.
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