Bayern Munich v Tottenham Hotspur (Wed 11 Dec @ 20.00)

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Bayern Munich lost again yesterday to Bundesliga leaders Borussia Monchengladbach - and now sit in 7th position 7 points behind Monchengladbach. To put their current position into perspective, Bayern have won the title for the last 7 seasons !

They must win their next league games and will probably want to rest a number of players and not risk playing key players like Lewandowski. So Mourhino announcing he'll start with Parrott, Sessegnon, Walker-Peters and Skipp is probably more than welcomed by Bayern, and make it an easy decision to rest their players..

Our next weekend's game is a tricky one at Wolves who play today, but already equal on points with us. So resting most of our team that started v Burnley will certainly help - with Wolves at home to Besiktas on Thursday but having already qualified for the group stages they may also rest players.
Bayern are 7th 7 points from the top.
Spurs are 7th 23 points from the top!!
Yep, I really like this line-up.
I understand concerns of some posters here regarding what impact might the loss have on our youngsters, but at the same time we have to consider that Bayern does not have anything to play for either, and it is very unlikely they will play with their full squad. As mentioned - their situation in Bundesliga is not quite good right now.

Seeing Parrott, Skipp and Sessegnon (17, 19, 19) coming on in Burnley game was bit of an indication for me as well, that they will play in Munich.

But I would most certainly leave out Wanyama (who someone suggested to use), as he is our past. Unfortunately he will not have any further contribution to our senior side starting XI. So in game where result does not matter, I'd rather use someone from academy side. I also would not use Eriksen. If his head is not in the game and he is not giving 110% of himself, he will not be "useful help to youngsters" as some suggested - quite opposite - he would be a role model of wrong attitude.

Exited for the game for the reason of seeing some of our younger lads having a chance at highest level of club football :) !
I’d play Eriksen instead of Lucas

rest Lucas

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I’d play Eriksen instead of Lucas

rest Lucas
I thought of that.
But I think we need to have some pace upfront. I think Sessegnon is above average in that sense, but I would feel more confident if Moura would be there as well, as Eriksen is not the fastest guy around.

And I doubt his spirits and mentality - youngsters should not play next to a guy who does as little as needed on the field. Moura with his mentality would set far better example. Plus well, he almost did not play until Poch was here + got rest in Bournemouth game, so I'd figure he can deal with this :) .


Difficult to pick the team. None of the injured players should play even if recovered. Some not getting enough mins must play, Eriksen, Lo celso, Rose, Foyth, Sess and Skipp. After that it depends on how damaging a thrashing will be as the first team lost 7-2. Not sure what sort of team BM will put out and how good the reserves are even if picked. Could end up embarrassing as when we have played a completely changed team not used to playing together in cup games against weak opposition it has not gone well and BM are not weak opposition.
Surely if formerly injured players are fit, a dead rubber is perfect to get them back up to speed tho?
If we want to play a senior player up top with Sess & Parrott then I would prefer it to be someone that actually can pass and make assists? Would love sess or Parrott to get on the score sheet.

Lucas can rest. Play GLC in his place he needs a run out.

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