Bayern Munich v Tottenham Hotspur (Wed 11 Dec @ 20.00)

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Lo Celso looked knackered from 30 minutes on, I know we joke about players getting used to the pace etc. but I don't know what he's been doing on the training ground these past few months.
I was pretty disappointed with GLC but I’m still optimistic that he can be a good player for us with some more playing time.
He never really found his place last night and that could be because he is new to the team, he has very few minutes playing time in this group and this, last night, was not a co-ordinated team anyway.
And perhaps he should not play with Eriksen, their styles and field position clash.
It was the performance i expected really.
When we equalised i thought we'd give em a game,but they never really got out of 2nd gear. If Jose had gone with the first team, i think our strikeforce would have smashed their defence.
Dier is unfit,but The boss likes him,so maybe there's reasons for the unfitness. KWP hasn't developed like i hoped and Le celso wont be there in February.
Just my MHO

It will probably be totally different :)


We lumped it to him countless times and I'm not sure he won a single aerial duel.
Unsure if sarcasm. In case of not...

Lucas Moura - 1.73m
Javi MartÍnez - 1.92m
Jérôme Boateng - 1.92m

I don't know if you noticed, but Lucas is a diminutive pacy attacking player. Best with the ball at his feet. The Munich centre backs were both 6' 3½" behemoths.
I know Lucas is good in the air for his height generally. But if we're pinning our attacking hopes on "lumping" high balls to a 5' 7" CF then we're doing something wrong. And if you're blaming Lucas for this then you're deluded.

I've honestly never heard a more ridiculous argument.


Focused on Wolves like they should be. Don’t waste effort on a friendly.
Oh come on.... you know I'm talking about the ones drafted in as well as dier...think only sess and foyth performed well. Lucas was a joke and Danny rose was...well...a gobshite. Play for the badge ...surely we expected some decent football even if I understand that they won't be flying into tackles all blood and thunder. Oh and don't get me started on Eriksen...shambles.
It was a totally expected result but if we are going to get spanked we may as well play Skipp and Parrott. Indeed Skipp came on and outclassed Dier. I was surprised how good Skipp appears on the ball. There was one moment he dribbled past two of their players and started off one of our only moves in the second half.

I understand what Mourinho is trying to do with Dier; play him as much as possible and hope he regains some semblance of a footballer. The problem is Dier was not good enough in the first place and certainly is not at the moment - that was one of the worst performances I have ever seen from a professional footballer.

Despite being completely outclassed we probably should have had 3 goals; I still don't understand why Son didn't shoot. Also, Sess looks a real threat and Foyth is very composed on the ball.
Such as? That Eriksen is a cunt and Wanyama should be covered with a blanket and put out of his misery?

I'd say pretty much every Spurs fan could have told you that before the game
I can’t disagree with you. Likeable fella that he is I think if big Vic had been a racehorse he would have ended up the contents of a Findus Savoury Pancake some time ago
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Fuck me that's a stretch. A 3 yard pass intended for Lucas that went 2 yards awry and was skewed off a poor defenders clearance straight into Sessegnon's path can not be claimed as an assist in my world.
Agreed that was not an assist at all. Does he officially get credited an assist for that?
Re Parrott, I think there's something to be said about not throwing in a young player too soon. Confidence is critical in a growing player, and getting totally outclassed on your first full debut - regardless of who you're playing - could set his confidence and therefore game back for months. Ease the young lads in...
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