Ben Davies

You're being childishly obtuse.....

He's acknowledging the very incident that has you rattled.

No I'm not.
Well actually you are but its probably intentional.

He thinks he had a good game (which is quite incredible). There is absolutely no way anyone can feel this way unless they were not paying much attention to the game or flat out didnt watch it imo. His post regarding the 'the Doherty incident' indicates just that so I now understand why he feels Davies had a good game.

In regards to his performance he was In reality poor. He made a couple of tackles that you would hope any defender makes but offered the square root of fuck all going forward again and his crosses again were abysmal. He passing was also bad (again) so in reality playing him yesterday was counter productive as all Newcastle did was sit back and we needed some sort of attacking play from our full backs which Doherty provided but Davies did not yet again. He capped his shite performance off by his head down defending nearly resulting in an OG.


Given how iffy our centre halves are, if Reguillon is going to oust him as No.1 LB, then maybe he should be given a chance at the left sided CB role. I've seen him play there once or twice, and he's been pretty decent (I'd certainly feel more comfortable with him there than Dodgy Dave)


Doherty was worse for me. McNeil got passed him many times and his attacking was equally as bad as Davies'
Unless Davies reverts to his default of passing backwards his distribution is shocking
I’d rather he played CB

Doherty has age on his side and maybe Jose can do something with him but I agree he doesn’t look good atm
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