Best Premier League Player you've watched...

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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Juninho for Middlesborough was utterly mesmerizing.
Zola was brilliant
Wayne Rooney before he turned 25
David Silva
He's a cunt but van Persie was a terrific player
Le Tissier
Xabi Alonso
van der Sar
Jay Jay Okocha

There's a far few more if I can engage my brain a bit more.
And I don't mean on TV because there's something extra special seeing a living god live - It could be one game or many. Don't mention Blanchflower, Greaves or Gilzean unless you were there. This is an open question across all clubs and any games that you've seen.

For me Cantona and Klinnsman. There were times that Sol Campbell made me shake my head in awe as unpopular as that will be.

Please discuss.
Premier League player?
Mousa Dembele.

Had a season ticket on the back row of the Paxton Road lower and watching him consistently break down, compose and switch play in midfield was mesmerising.

When Gareth Bale was at his Tottenham peak (2012-13) that was incredible as well.

Opposition wise (ok not Premier League) but Messi was utterly ridiculous that day at Wembley when we lost 4-2 to Barca.
Premier league era only? Seen live? Not just a single stand out game?
Gareth Bales last 2 seasons at Spurs was something to behold!!

There is a reason a world record transfer fee was paid at the time to buy him.
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