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Kolyid is a Cunt
Remember Rooney running us ragged at the lane in 09 think and at the time thought he was the best player I had watched

For a while he was devastating
Mousa Dembele for me. Made football look easier and almost impossible to tackle. Was never a passenger in games and bossed the games. Had he not had the chronic hip issues that plagued his career, I'm sure he would have been playing for one of the elite teams.

Bale for me was always an interesting watch. He would often stand out on the wings, miles away from play and disappear from games; only to pop up with a moment of excellence and claim the MOTM!

Saw Andy Carroll play one time in his stand out season for Newcastle b4 Liverpool signed him. I have never seen a defence so glad the game was over! He beat the crap out of them and got 2 goals if I remember right.
I was very young at the time, but the player that stands out for me is Ardiles. He was a wizard in my eyes. Got to see him play a few times and was always amazed at how elegant a footballer (& bloody strong) he was. Hoddle, Waddle & Gazza were pretty special too. Lineker (cunt), Klinsmann & Bale...
Bloody hell. We’ve had some cracking players
And Kane is going to end up top of the list of legends.
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