Best Spurs PL Striker Partnership

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It's not as simplistic as about numbers, it's about knowing each other's games and strengths...being on the same wavelength.

For me, Klinsmann and Sheringham for the short time we had them was sublime, Teddy was a special player. Both had excellent football brains and experience and worked their socks off for eachother. They shade it from Berba and Keane who were a decent partnership, but not as good players consistently IMO.

Kane and Son have never really been a partnership in the truest sense of the word as the game has changed and aren't even really that well suited to play in a front two together in that sense IMHO. Hypothetical Kane and Klinsmann? Now you're talking.

It says a lot that I put Harry in front of Teddy now without much hesitation. What a player.
For me, Klinsmann and Sheringham but it's more because wad 14 then and just getting into football

Thats one of my favourite seasons despite all the problems we had.


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Kane and Son, in my opinion.

Keane and Berbatov was great but it's glorified because we were poorer at the time and on the rise. Neither of them were 'world class' when with us - yet we now have Kane and Son, two players who are world class and are playing and performing at the highest level possible.
Jurgen and Teddy had one season together but what a season:

Klinsmann 20 league goals in 41 games
Sheringham 18 league goal in 42 games

Total understanding between them as if they had been playing for years.

I think Kane and Son might just surpass them this season if they carry on at this rate but it is a mighty ask.
Different eras, sheer output was Jurgen and Teddy but in a 4-4-2 in 90's football. Kane and Son are a great partnership but in a completely different formation. almost apples and oranges for me


Keane and Berbatov were the best partnership - either could come short or be the focal point

I think one season they both scored over 20 goals and we weren't even very good
The thing I liked most about the ManU match is that Son and Kane feed each other with killer passes and assists, they look for each other even more than before.

I thought they were good duo but it keeps getting better, yesterday was a perfect example of how they should work together.

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H and Sonny.......... if we can keep them and stay relatively injury free, their numbers are going to be out of sight.

That's put the mockers on it!
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