Billy Sharp

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What a man. I'm struggling to type anything else. Playing and scoring a couple of days after his two day old son died was an incredible effort.


I'm glad the match was officiated by someone with enough tact not to book him for the 'That's for you son' T-shirt and it is nice to see him trending on Twitter.
YidoBuckler said:
Credit to him for this.

Indeed. I can't begin to imagine how he must feel, yet he didn't let his club down when they needed him. A credit to the sport at a time when people's opinions of players couldn't be much lower.
Someone on twitter put this;

Billy Sharp scores tonight just days after the death of his son. Carlos Tevez earns over £200k a week, but his "head is in the wrong place".
In modern football, with all the prima donnas, cheats, racists and the like, Billy Sharp is a role model, and hero. TYo play a football match only days after such a tragedy, and to carry such grace in doing so should never stop being commended, and my thoughts remain with him and his family.
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