It's in the stadium. Think Sky are giving the option to have it on in the PL, but if it's an option it mustn't be at the stadium.

you'd wonder would the PL look at this and think it'd be better worth their while following suit.

it's all short term anyway (we hope) ideally fans are back in in Oct/Nov this year. :avbpray:
This hasn't been a bad game and the score actually flatters Bayern in terms of the overall play, possession etc, the fundamental difference today has been Leverkusen just don't have the quality to capitalise on their good situations that Bayern have.
regarding the crowd noise the tech has been there for a while, I imagine it's very similar to what they use for video games. Most top leagues (I think anyway) have the goaline tech so that could be a trigger, or simply a bloke is sat there with a fader to bring in the celebrations for a goal.


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It's in the stadium. Think Sky are giving the option to have it on in the PL, but if it's an option it mustn't be at the stadium.

Pretty sure the Bundesliga is through the broadcast feed.

The Prem are going to be playing FIFA20 crowd noises over the feed, I believe. In all honesty, it does make a difference.

Though I'd probably do what I usually do and just have it on mute anyway.
60 minutes into the Dortmund/Hertha game, got to say, been very impressed with Hertha since the restart. Nothing stupendous, but they are well drilled, very cohesive without the ball and don't cough up chances easily.

Don't remember anything in Labadia's previous jobs to suggest he's a great coach, but he's not doing a bad job here so far.
Unpopular opinion but I would rather listen to what the players are saying on the pitch. Even if it is swearing.

Find it interesting that the early bundesliga games, people were speaking German, English, French and Spanish.

Gives you an insight into what players are thinking in certain situations.


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Enjoying the Union Berlin Vs Schalke game.

Currently 1 nil to Union, they should really be out of sight and there's only 18 mins gone.


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I don't like it. Is it being pumped into the stadium, or is it just a TV sound effect?
I've no idea how they do it to be honest. Sounds better than listening to silence with the odd shout IMO.

I'd assume it's audio mixed alongside the comms... Otherwise you're left with the sound of a stadium (fans + acoustics) being piped through the acoustics of a stadium which would sound pretty fucked-up
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