I'd assume it's audio mixed alongside the comms... Otherwise you're left with the sound of a stadium (fans + acoustics) being piped through the acoustics of a stadium which would sound pretty fucked-up
I think it’s BT that are providing the sounds, don’t think it’s actually being broadcast in the stadiums.
Not ideal, but it does make things a bit better I think.
Think it was mentioned by BT during one of the games yesterday that it was them applying the crowd noise. Previously I thought it was at the stadium, definitely an improvement IMO and also helped by covering the empty seats. Although would sound a bit stupid if home team are getting humped yet fans in full voice!

Not a big surprise really, they must have got pissed off with him clearly wanting a new challenge and figured he’s not exactly fully committed to the RB project.

Or maybe he wanted to quit to focus on finding that new challenge - or a bit of both.

What surprised me more was Mitchell leaving when he did, when rumours were he was potentially going to get an even bigger role with Rangnick going.
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