Burnley v Tottenham || Monday, 26 Oct @ 8pm

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GLC on for sissoko.
Bale for Lucas.
Reg for Davies.
We need to stretch them, play the ball quicker and stop trying to play behind their defence.
Kane needs to stop dropping deep and our CBs need to stop sitting on the ball.


Listen to thinky

I'm honestly not sure if that means bringing on Lo Celso, Bale, or both.

Wildcard: Vinicius for Lucas.
Wouldn't mind seeing vinny, but don't want to leave Davies on.

He's getting done on FKs everytime anyway (think Woods is sticking onto him iirc), so why not just have on the better LB who can be a lethal threat down the line.

We should go for it and accept whatever happens.

Would rather do that, as think much higher percentage chance we win, than draw/lose if we go for it.

Jose should play the odds.
It really isn’t rocket science. The only way to beat bus parkers is by moving the ball quickly and taking players on to create space for others. Can’t do that with Davies, Moura, Sissoko
Amazing professional managers can’t even see this. I’d guess the master plan is to bore the other team to death for 60 minutes, then catch them while they are asleep.
If we give this anymore than 10 minutes I will shit myself in anger, and I just cleaned up my shitty pants from the first half, so I will be displeased.
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