Burnley VS Tottenham Hotspur. Sunday Nov 28th 2pm.

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Interesting set of complaints.

Just in case a few facts would be welcome:

1. Burnley have had undersoil heating since 2010 or possibly earlier.
2. It has been switched on since Wednesday.
3. It heats the soil, not the surface, so makes very little difference to snow.
4. The snow was not forecast in anything like that quantity. (If it had been, your team would have set off sooner in order to arrive on time.)
5. There is no advantage to Burnley in postponing the match so our suspended players will be back, because they just miss theWolves match instead. And none of the injured players are in the first XI.
6. The ref makes the decision, not the club.

I do like the idea of pitch covers, though. The question is when to place them and when to lift them? If the match is kicking off at 2 pm, and the snow falls from 12 noon to 2,30, when would be a suitable time to start removing the covers?

As for delaying the match by two or three hours, that's one you need to ask the PL about. Traditionally it has been thought to be unfair on fans to postpone less than an hour from kickoff, but if the majority of fans think that the game should not be postponed until say 3 hours after the kickoff time, then I'm sure it would be considered. I'm not sure all that many fans would be in favour of the idea of hanging around in the snow for 4 hours and then having it postponed, even if sometimes like today the weather would change and the ground become fit. I suspect the police and ground safety might have something to say as well.

I look forward to seeing you at the rearranged match! If it's January night match, we'll try and arrange a minus 7 degree frost. The undersoil heating will be fine, but the players will be bloody cold!
Massively interested in this one, the match day squad should tell us quite a bit about Contes thinking.

He’s talking about deserving to wear the shirt. I know he has to pick a number of people he rather wouldn’t, or has little choice for them being the only person in that position, but I’m looking forward to it.

This squad is finally on a time bomb that will go off in January and keep simmering until next September.

If we don’t see a reaction, we know who you are once and for all. Nowhere to hide for these fuckers tomorrow
It's wet, very cold and very windy in the Madrid sierra today. I was thinking of getting into the mood for this game by standing in the garden and watching a weed grow for a couple of hours. I could also call my mate from Rochdale (not proper authentic but its only 15 miles away and I doubt I could distinguish between the accents) who can keep up a barrage of insults about me being a soft southern la-di-dah shite for the duration.


Enic/Levy cultists .. wrong for over a decade!
What a shame. Us against Burnley in bad conditions would surely have been a classic display in beautiful football.
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