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So I just saw that screamer Lamella put away for Seville which isn't his first goal for them.

It makes me think of all the players who seem to get a new lease of life on the pitch when they leave spurs. It's how I thought about Defoe and how i think about Dele for eg, not firing on all cylinders here but I bet when they leave they'd find top form.

Anyway, for all the money spent on psychology, diets etc has there ever been a study of ex spurs players explaining what 'spursy,' is or how exactly the club strips players of their potential or will to live? If not, then shouldn't someone?

Am being serious.
I was just thinking, there's probably a book in this, could do a chapter on each player...

Even the publicity could have people asking Levy difficult questions...

But yeah, point taken I think!

wonder if its a underlining pressure that is on the players whn they play for us, only the players that handle that pressure move onwards and upwards the others stay here
when those that can't handle pressure go to "lower" clubs they are released from that pressure

Danny Baker told a story of mate who was dreaming he was 16 yrs old he was just playing and enjoying life, then he heard the alarm clock ringing and suddenly the wieght of a wife & kids, mortgage etc hit him and that joy left him, Pressures of life ?
A lot of it is about the type of league they move to. Part of the reason that Lamela has done really well is that La Liga is slower and less physical than the Premier League, it suits his physiology and game better.
The pressure thing as rusty mentions is probably a factor with many players too. Plus there are some players who just weren’t good enough when we bought them.

I’m almost certain that Dele will find a new lease of life when he moves. I think he’s stuck in a rut and hasn’t improved his game in years. He’s a lower prem or championship level player now so if he goes to a team of his level he’ll do well.
All clubs have some players that do a lot better when they are sold. And many players that don't, just like Spurs.

As a wise man once said, Is Football, no?
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