Carlos Vinicius


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He had a great game, I knew nothing of him before he arrived and I was impressed with what I saw.
I think he could be quite useful coming on for the last half an hour in the next couple of league games just to get him used to it.


Not good enough for us clearly. You would have thought he might have known his colleagues better as he has been with the club for years.

Needed a hat-trick and a hand in all the goals.

Defensively he could also do better and I think his looks could improve.

Disappointing that after one game he is not yet our top European goalscorer.
Bloody needs to tuck his shirt in and pull his socks up too. Thinks he's bloody Hoddle.
Decent start with 2 assists and created about another 3 which the recipients could have scored rom.

But quite a few mistakes too - quite possibly because he doesn't know his ream mates well enough (and apparently doesn't speak English - so can talk to coaches, Moura and probably some of the Spanish speakers, but not many of the squad).

Think I'd keep him mainly playing EL for the next month or two playing teams less good than in PL, as unless there are injuries not sure he's going to add much to Kane/Son/Bale or ANO. Also gives coaches time to work with him and get him to gel with other players.

Think we will get a more accurate assessment of him before Christmas, but all the signs are he'll be a good alternate/back up to Kane for this season.......and next summer figure out if we want to pay the £40m odd or if there are better options, especially if finances ae still covid affected.
He needs to time it better. Or the man on the ball needs to play it quicker. I think we can catch a lot of defences out if we play it early to him.
Coming from different teams - takes a while to bed in to the ‘established’ way of doing things...Bale, Doherty, CV all seem to be struggling with what their team-mates are thinking / doing. (And vice versa).

It’s the same problem Soldado had when no fucker would pass him the ball despite making amazing runs in those early games...and Nando - how many games before someone tried to lump a high ball in for him to win? The fact that CV nearly got a goal and we have a squad that is all mainly pretty good suggests to me that there won’t be gaping black holes and blind spots on the pitch where no-one dares to pass the ball as it’s never coming back or doing anything apart from being lost to the oppo.
It’s the same problem Soldado had when no fucker would pass him the ball despite making amazing runs in those early games...
Yeah, I really felt sorry for him. Yes, his confidence was shot after a while, but it was like he was in people's blind spot, or maybe just thinking too quickly. If he'd been served a pass on even 50% of those runs he'd have bagged a few of them and history as we know it wouldn't have happened.

Anyway, I don't see CV going down this route, he got MoM on his first game and he got an assist for Moura's goal, someone he obviously gets on with, as a fellow countryman. This will do wonders for him and as long as he doesn't go too long without getting one himself, I think he'll be happy with that.


Listen to thinky
Hmmm, there's a chance I'm wrong about this one.

The more I watch, the more I can see whyJose was after him.

Seems versatile and has a lot of attributes and will pose a different problem to defenders, for us.


This makes me trust Jose's nose, and gives increased hope that Doherty will kick-on soon and really show us what he's got.


Was excellent in the first game he played and very good again today.

Got zero support from Bale, Alli and Bergwijn.

No reason at all to take him off, his passing ability would have worked well with Son running behind the defense.


You gotta trust ole Gibbsy.
Shouldn't have been subbed off.
Agreed, taken off too soon.

Can't blame him too much when he had Dele, Bergwijn, and a dragging Bale around him. He at least offered a target to move the ball up to, and showed a decent ability with his hold up play. Not great but I thought he was definitely the best of our players up front.
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